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FEA Trailer

A short film featuring the winner of the East of England Coop’s 2019 ‘Producer of the Year’ awards. We worked with the supermarket’s marketing and PR teams to craft naturalistic documentary style films to showcase their top food and drink suppliers. We have filmed the last six years of the competition, featuring 36 different producers.

Vampire fish

A giant sabre toothed vampire fish drags Steve’s boat downriver. They hit a submerged rock, throwing the hapless presenter into the powerful current. Fortunately the cameraman stays on board and the whole sequence is caught on camera, with Steve bringing to the boat this most impressive and intimidating of Amazon predatory fish.

Jungle kitchen

Supplies run low in Steve’s basic jungle camp and the crew is forced to eat what they can catch. A very welcome addition to the menu is a snake that the locals hunt down with bow and arrows and is expertly prepared ‘jungle style’ by the camp chef.

Tapir encounter

Whilst venturing through the forest, the crew and presenter stumble across a bull tapir, South America's largest terrestrial mammal. The excitement of this extremely rare event quickly turns to fear as the largest of the South American mammals prepares to charge.

Giant arapaima

After a gruelling two hour boat journey upriver Steve and his guide Lawrence explore a hidden backwater known to the local tribes people for its enormous arapaima. Steve defies the odds and smashes his freshwater record, catching the fish of a lifetime, an immense arapaima of three metres in length and weighing over 250 pounds.